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Your Body Is A Sacred Temple

Your body is not a mystery, enlightenment is a choice, you have the power to take control and be healthy.  Live in your body and mind with consciousness, love and respect.  Work with your temple, honor it.

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The Path to Transformation

Begins with understanding your body, accessing inner growth, self development, to achieve well being. Each person has within, the tools to transform and access a flow of internal energy from merging with the physical and mindful energetic system.

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About Elizabeth

I have been on an awakening journey of inner growth, and self discovery, for several years, embracing the integration of mind, body and soul. Through travelling and exploring many countries, and sacred sites. I’ve been drawn to different cultures, traditions, mystical paths, yoga retreats, and teachings of ancient wisdom from Shamans in the Amazon.

My life purpose led me to study  Holistic Nutrition, Hypnosis, Kundalini Yoga,  Shamanism, Breathwork, and Tantric studies of the Divine Feminine.

I am clairvoyant and intuitive. I have integrated what I have learned into teachings, sessions and online courses that are heartfelt. My inspiration is to offer spiritual guidance, mixed with wellness, and mentorship for men and women.


Elizabeth helped guide me through the most challenging time in my life, when I was struggling with Cancer.  I am always and forever grateful to her for her warmth, her dedication, her charisma and her professional knowledge that supported me through this devastating time in my life.  During my chemotherapy treatments my body was debilitated and I remember feeling relaxed and alert after my Hypnosis and Reiki sessions with Elizabeth.  My doctors were surprised that I recuperated quickly.  I believe the sessions helped alleviate my stress, and gave me a positive outlook.  I did fully recuperate and I still continue to work with Elizabeth.   

Greg P.


I was so amazed with my first Tantra yoga class with Elizabeth, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I was looking for an activity that would help with my stress and I was open to try something new and my curiosity led me to Elizabeth.  I was in awe after the first class.  I felt so well informed about so much that I didn’t even know existed.  By the end of the class I understood how to work with my body and how important it is to breathe. I felt an extreme sense of peace rushing through me.  Since that first class I have been Elizabeth’s client for over  6 years.  I feel that I am so much more in tune with myself, I  understand how to work with my energetic body and I feel incredible. I highly recommend Elizabeth!  You need to experience her sessions and classes to fully understand what I am trying to convey!

Linda E.

Business Owner/Retired

Elizabeth helped me so much I can’t believe how much there is to learn. I was really curious to understand how to connect with my Spiritual guides and the Twin Flame Union, well it wasn’t what I had believed it to be.  I began to understand that there is so much more than what we are led to believe.  I started with her Soul Guidance sessions every month and each time I continued to notice a change. The intuitive sessions really helped me open up to higher dimensions, and I learned how to communicate with my Spiritual Guides. the messages are so clear now. I also took Elizabeth’s workshops on learning how to ground.  I have learned the power of centering my body and grounding, it is probably the most important part for learning how to communicate with spirit. The journey has been incredible I have learned so much. The exciting part has also been how to work with my chakras,  and with the Goddess Energies.   Elizabeth is so awake, I highly recommend her and thank her for helping me access my intuitive abilities, my Higher Self and  understanding the importance of connecting with the  Divine Feminine Goddess.

Helen N.

Stay at home Mom

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Elizabeth Yvonne


Elizabeth unveils Divine Wellness through ancient traditions, a continuous lineage with the Divine Feminine that needs to urgently unfold. Tantra and Nutrition to create a rebirth a wellness cleanse for body, mind and soul.


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